Children's House Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Arleo, & Ms. Sasha

May 16, 2016

The children have enjoyed learning about the Life Cycles of butterflies and ladybugs. The caterpillars have been in their chrysalides for a few days now. We are expecting our butterflies to emerge by the end of this week. Our ladybug larvae is now in the pupa stage and we hope to have ladybugs emerge by the end of next week.

The children are very excited about the Art Show taking place on Friday. I'm sure you will enjoy seeing the works of art on display. I hope you all will love our Circle of Friends piece that will be up for auction. After we had completed that project, the children continued to show interest in sewing. After all, for many of the children, sewing these circles was the culmination of a three year sewing sequence in our Practical Life area. First, the children learned how to sew a button. Next, they learned how to sew on a plastic grid. When the concept of sewing circles was introduced, is was a new and challenging task. We sewed enough circles for our project, but the children wanted to keep on sewing. Our kindergarten girls noticed how the circles looked like decorations for headbands. Lorenzo wanted to make something for his dog to wear. Hmm, such wonderful ideas. One idea built upon another, following the children's lead, and that was the beginning of the Montessori Boutique. While some children preferred to sew the circles, other children enjoyed experimenting with color combinations and patterns. For the children who were not yet ready to sew the circles, they were able to stitch the circles to the headbands and bandanas. We even had children trace circles on fabric and then cut out the circles in preparation for sewing. Some children learned how to thread needles. Some children made suggestions about other ways to use the completed circles. This proect was truly a class effort and a perfect example of how children of mixed ages and abilities can learn, work, and create together. I couldn't be more proud of the children and feel grateful to have had the opportunity to complete this three year cycle with our third year students. The children are looking forward to selling the items they created during the Art Show on Friday.