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Recently in our district, there has been information shared on the social-emotional behavior and health of our students. As I have been listening to the information, there has been one thing that seems to be clear, effective classroom management is a definite contributor to the student's success. There have been several times I have mentioned efficiency and engagement, but a quote that has resonated with me is this, "While the adage that an engaging lesson plan is the best classroom management plan is true, the need for an effective, positive classroom management system always exist.” So, how can technology assist with this? Below are several different apps to aid in creating that positive classroom management system.

Class Dojo

If you've never used Class Dojo before, it is an extremely valuable tech tool to use for Classroom Management. This is a behavior management tool that allows teachers to assign points to students for following appropriate classroom (PBIS) procedures. That data can then be seen, in real time, by the parents and administration, if they so choose.


Gamified learning is something that seems to engage students and promote a positive classroom culture really well. Classcraft is pretty similar in logistics to Dojo, but takes on a more real-life, secondary student mode of operation. Students are assigned points, and their classmates can even cheer them on, making for a collaborative, positive management system.

Classcraft Volume Meter

Another easy management tool is the ability to track noise level. Using your computer's microphone, the Classcraft Volume Meter does just that. You are able to monitor the noise level of the classroom, and hold students accountable for continuing to have a comfortable volume. The best thing about this is that you do not have to have a Classcraft account, or even be a user of Classcraft to use this tool.

Google Classroom

When thinking of an easy option to control classroom management, Google Classroom may be one of the last tools to come to mind. But, in reality, it can carry quite a bit of positive weight when considering its use. Students are not only able to post their assignments on the Classwork page, but they're able to communicate directly with the teacher, eliminating the need to either face the fear of speaking in front of friends, or potentially causing major disruptions.


Communication with parents is just as important as correcting the behavior within the classroom. Sometimes a parent phone call isn't possible in the given time. That's where Bloomz comes in. Some teachers use Remind, bt Bloomz is another nice alternative. I used to use Class Messenger before it shut down, so that tool migrated to Bloomz. There are many benefits and options for teachers with parent communication, and it's all free!

Import Questions in Google Forms

This is an awesome update to Google Forms! You now have the ability to import questions from a previous Form into one you're currently creating. Imagine being able to reference previously tested material, or reuse a question that you like to ask on each quiz you give. This is now a reality! As you're creating your Form, the option to Import a Question appears on the right hand sidebar next to the question you're working on.

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