BREAKING NEWS!! Archives War

Do you Want Your Capital Moved?

What's The BIg Issue?

The Archives War all started because some Austinites saw the issue of where Texas archives would be located as important for the future of their town

The Archives war is an important event in Texas History that will be remembered forever.

Houston's Side

Houston wants all of the important documents moved because he believes that the Mexicans are going to attack the capital, Austin. Houston does not want your important archives ruined during the war so he is relocating the capital to Houston and taking all the archives there as well.

"I am doing this for the better of our country and to keep your documents safe."

-Sam Houston

Archives War Over! :)

The Short conflict, called the Archives War, ended with all of the archives back in Austin. What could have been a huge, terrible, deadly war thankfully was only a short conflict that is now over.