First day of school

bilissa mahammed

first day of school

I lost a bet to my friend Kirstin. He dared me to eat 30 hot wings under five minutes. I could only get 10 down, so he won the bet. He made me dye my jet black hair into a golden blonde. I know it sound ridiculous but I did it. One week later was the first day of school. I had been waiting for this day for the past five years. Everything seemed perfect. The weather was sunny; the trees were green and bright. As soon as I walked into the school, I saw my friend, Kirstin, standing besides the building. He waved with a smile on his face.

Kirstin and I started waking around the school trying to make new friends, but it seemed like everyone was staring at me. "But why?" I wondered. I didn’t know so I asked him. He said the school doesn’t allow students to dye their hair. I was surprised and told him so. Three days before school had started, I received a letter from the school describing the school policy and my new classes. I didn't read it and threw it away. The policy stated that only uniforms should be worn. No pricings and dyed hair was permitted. But guess who had blonde hair ME!

When school started, obviously, my teacher sent me to the principal's office. She told me not to come back to school, "Unless you shave it off." It made me feel unwelcome, because my hair, and how I look, shouldn’t effect my education, but that was the policy. As a result of this experience, I learned to read every important letter that arrives in the mail so I don’t go back to the same situation.