Eight dimensions of religious traditions

  • Beliefs- An acceptance that something exists or is true, even without proof of it being true or real.
  • Sacred stories- Myths, oral traditions, scriptures, stories how to live life.
  • Religious experience- Individuals experience, immediate experience(a personal connection), Mediated experience(contact through other people, places, objects) like mass, candles etc.
  • Religious ritual- Are repeated practices, traditions with significant meaning.
  • Social structure- Hierarchy, leaders, different events within the religion and places.
  • Sacred text- Prayers,texts, writing messages, sacred-significant, important, papal, letters and documents.
  • Religious ethics- Values, right and wrong,morals and guidelines.
  • Sacred symbols- Object or image that represents something.
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Ecumenical movement

  • The word "Ecumenical" means "Universal".

The Ecumenical movement is trying to unite all christian-long process as there are some differences that they some don't want to change.

Today the Ecumenical Movement has become a search for Unity.

To build one world wide united Church.

  • The word ecumenism is the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world's Christian Churches.

  • The Ecumenical Movement,with the aim to work towards the unity of all Christian denominations, was originally a protestant initiative and was started in 1910.