Ms. Kranzush's Kinders

November 2015

Veterans Day

We have some parents in our class that have served or currently serve in various braches of our military. Thank you for your service. I appreciate you.

Picture Retakes

Picture retakes and makeups are on Friday, Nov. 20th


Our entire day is very important. There is a lot that we simply cannot make up if your child is gone. I understand doctor's appointments and kids getting sick, but if your child is chronically late or consistently leaving early, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with transportation. Even arriving a few minutes late can be stressful for kids. Instead of coming inside with their friends, getting settled, and hearing about our day's lineup, they're having to enter a full room where all attention turns to them and play catch up getting into the right mindset. There is supervision on the playground starting at 8:30. Our class is working to fill up our "perfect attendance" chart, which is 17 days of everyone at school, so we can earn an extra recess or fun activity. Please help us see how many we can earn!

Winter Weather

Our school policy is that kids go outside for recess unless it is raining or the temperature is below 20*. If it's snowy, kids can bring snow gear and play in the snow (Mrs. Thomason brings out sleds!) and change out of them after recess. Kids without snow clothes stay on the big toy and blacktop, but everyone goes outside. Please label all clothes!

Scholastic Book Fair and Cup Stack Night

This Thursday, November 12th, there will be a Scholastic Book Fair and Cup Stacking Night. The book fair is in the gym. Mrs. Thomason, our PE teacher, has been teaching all the kids in the school how to do different types of cup stacking. It's fun to watch them build the stacks up and break them back down. Each year, she has the kids work to be part of the Guiness World Record for most people cupstacking around the world at the same time. The kids love it.

There were fliers for both in the kids' binders. Sorry for the consumerism push. There is never any stress on purchasing. We do a lot of fundraisers in the beginning of the year so that we have funds for later on. Never feel like it's something you have to do!

Forest Days!

This Friday, the 13th, is our first field trip to the woods! Weather is forcasted to have a low of 30 and a high of 50 with partly sunny skies. Please make sure your child dresses appropriately to be outside with hats, gloves, and coats. There is a lodge we can use for lunch and some activities, but our primary goal is to be outside.

If you need any assistance securing cold weather items, please let me know as soon as possible.

Ms. Kranzush

Did you see the goats at school? I offered to turn the playground into a farm, but for some reason it got turned down.