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Week of February 15, 2016

High Expectations Make a Difference ~ from Barbara Blackburn (A Keller U Keynote Speaker)

This month's information comes from my newest book, Motivating Struggling Leanrers: 10 Strategies to Build Student Success. Do you have high expectations for your students? I've never met anyone who said "I have low expectations for my students." Unfortunately, sometimes we do have low expectations, perhaps subconsciously. For example, have you ever thought, "They are just a special education student." Or perhaps, "I can't really blame them for not doing well. They are from THAT neighborhood." Those thoughts reflect low expectations. When we have lower expectations for students, our actions change, which is the focus of our main column today.

Actions that Reflect High Expectations

Did you know that it's not enough to have high expectations? We have to put those expectations into action. Robert Marzano has looked at actions related to low and high expectations. He found distinct differences in the ways we relate to students if we have differing expectations.

For example, Libby is in my class, and she struggles. She never raises her hand in class, rarely completes her homework, and just seems to be a half step behind her classmates academically. Tomazz, on the other hand, is a sharp student. He always adds to the discussion, asks extending questions, and completes his homework. Now, let's say that one day, both students only complete half of their homework. With Tomazz, I'm disappointed and give him another opportunity to complete it. With Libby, I'm just grateful she did anything! Because my expectations differ, so do my actions.

Teachers who reject high expectations to all their students act in certain ways. They ask higher order and extending questions, provide appropriate wait time, give more positive feedback, stand in closer proximity to students, and make more eye contact. The converse of each of those is true if you have low expectations.

I know when I was a teacher, I made the mistake of acting on lower expectations. I was guilty of asking "easier" questions of my struggling students, moving on quickly if they couldn't answer, and leaving them alone as long as they weren't misbehaving. In other words, I sometimes gave up on them, without even realizing I was doing it. The question for you is this: Have you ever acted on low expectations, perhaps subconsciously? And if so, what will you do about it?

February 15 Professional Development

* We will begin promptly at 8:00. Please be in the cafeteria – signed in and ready to go by 8:00. We have a lot to cover prior to calibrating.

* You will not need your computer until later. You will want to keep it charging as long as possible. There are few outlets to charge computers.

* If you have your own earbuds, please bring them. We will have some available if you do not own a pair.

* Go in to the system and create your account BEFORE Monday (if you did not complete Basic Online Training)

o https://tx.scoring.pearsonassessments.com/scoring/

o Password: training2016

* You are welcome to complete the Basic Online Training if you calibrated last year and want additional practice. It is NOT required for those who calibrated last year.

* Dress comfortably - we will take an hour lunch break

Keller ISD Early Resignation Notification and Perfect Attendance Incentive

Keller ISD is pleased to announce the Early Resignation Notification Incentive Program for those considering retirement or resignation at the end of this school year.

The first 100 professional instructional staff members – including teachers, librarians, nurses, counselors, and diagnosticians, etc. – to submit a resignation/retirement letter effective the end of their contract year to their principal no later than March 21, 2016 will receive an incentive stipend of $750 dollars in their final paycheck.

Those contract instructional staff members who submit their end of year resignation letter no later than March 21 will also receive an additional stipend of $250 in their final paycheck for perfect attendance beginning April 1 through the end of the school year.

To be eligible, the professional instructional staff member must be serving on a probationary, term or continuing contract.

Mark your calendar!

Keller ISD will again be hosting KELLER UNIVERSITY this summer! From keynote speakers to hundreds of workshop options, there is sure to be something for everyone! Get your GT update and EQ hours taken care of!

Mark your calendar for July 18-21 - more info to come!

Keller ISD Employee Transfer Fair

Tuesday, April 5th, 4-6pm

Keller Independent School District, Tarrant County, TX, United States


The employee Transfer Fair Day, on April 5, 2016, will be for all professional staff district-wide.

The Online Teacher Transfer window for the district-wide Transfer Fair Day opens Friday, March 11 and it will close Sunday, March 27 at midnight.

Information on how to request a transfer may be found on the Workforce K-Connect Site.

CHAMPS Tip of the Week

New incentives! Remember to let your kids know that there are new items for purchase with Rattler Bucks!

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Student Holiday

* Professional Development @ 8:00 in cafeteria


Caprock instructional rounds visit

Kinder team to Discovery Learning training


Becky off campus PM


Kinder/1st grade luncheon

Jacque off campus all day

Grade level teams meet with Heather Varon during planning time

Grade level chair meeting @ 3:30; large conference room

Keller Shakes finalists recognized at Board Meeting


Becky off campus AM