Bookmark Important Dates!

Check out the deadlines for submissions and formatting info!

Formatting Information

Hi everyone!

If you are submitting an article for the Bookmark please share all materials via Google Docs with This allows for the greatest flexibility in formatting.

Feel free to share pictures via Google OR as an email attachment (either work).

Please do NOT send PDFs unless it is an event flyer!


  • October 15th- Submission Deadline
  • October 30th- Publication Date
  • November 15th- Submission Deadline
  • November 30th- Publication Date
  • December 15th- Submission Deadline
  • December 20th- Publication Date
  • January 15th-Submission Deadline
  • January 30th- Publication Date
  • February 15th-Submission Deadline
  • February 28th-Publication Date
  • March 15th-Submission Deadline
  • March 30th-Publication Date
  • April 15th-Submission Deadline
  • April 30th-Publication Date
  • May 15th-Submission Deadline
  • May 30th-Publication Date