Volume 1, Issue 9 - December 3, 2015

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Join us for a Work Day this Saturday (kids and teens included)!

As we announced on Sunday, the weather promises to be nice this weekend so we can get out and get a few things done outside and a few things done inside at crossroads|church. We will meet at the church at 9am and get started. We've got several projects targeted to get complete, depending on how many of you show up. We'll not get it all done this Saturday (whew!), BUT this gives you an idea of what needs to be done for future work days and/or if you can volunteer some time on your own as it fits your schedule.

There are various types of tasks for those with various types of skills, strength and disabilities. We can always use people who can run errands, carry supplies and provide refreshment for those who are working. We could even use some folks that are just here to pray over and encourage those who are working!

These projects are very important to prepare the way for the renovations that are about to happen. We're going to work from 9am to 1pm, and we'll provide lunch. Come for all or part of the time...every little bit of participation will help and will be appreciated. If you think you're going to make it, would you please text 816.694.7621 so we can pre-plan how many of the tasks we might be able to tackle and get accomplished. Here's some things we plan to work on:


  • we are closing and demo'ing the west driveway and moving the gravel over to the east driveway and parking lot (bring a shovel).
  • we are filling and patching holes in the east driveway.
  • we are ripping out shrubbery
  • we are raking, cutting back brush and burning a brush pile (bring a rake and a trimmer)
  • we are doing trash pickup around the property
  • we are cleaning out and organizing the Kitchen
  • we are cleaning out and organizing the Coffee Bar
  • we are cleaning out and organizing two cleaning closets
  • we are doing some minor maintenance - moving towel dispensers, soap dispensers, air fresheners and such (bring a screw gun)
  • we've got burnt out lights to replace all over the building
  • we are hauling several items out to the dumpster from Level 1 and from Level 3
  • we've got DEEP cleaning to do all over the the Worship Center, the Admin. Wing, The Commons and Level 2 (Main Level) Restrooms as well as behind the stage.
  • Washing windows, removing cobwebs, sanitizing surfaces.
  • we've got HVAC repair on Level 2 and HVAC installation to do on Level 1.
  • we've got a little more demo to do on Level 3 and in the Worship Center's Balcony.
  • we've got stripping and staining to do in the Worship Center
  • we've got carpet to pull up to prepare for new carpet
  • we've got ceiling tiles to install/replace as construction gets finished in The Commons and the Admin Wing.
  • minor construction projects and assisting the contractor who is doing the work.
  • many, many more.


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