Mrs. Mogg's Monday Memo

November 16

Writing practice .... the fun way !

Last week we made turkey cookies from sugar cookies, chocolate icing, and candy corn. Then students wrote the directions. We took the directions to Mrs. Parker's class to have those students follow our written directions with no oral prompting. We quickly saw what we needed to do better in writing sequential directions. Everyone had fun and had a tasty treat!


The last PTO meeting for the semester is Monday, Nov. 17 at 7 pm in the cafeteria. Child care is provided.

Friday Science Day

A huge thanks to Lily and the PTO for putting together another wonderful Science Day. Students were given great opportunities to see, hear, and do experiments. Be sure to ask about it!


Friday the 13th was the list test in spelling. Your child should have the same list recopied onto page 41 for this week. We'll have the Applied Skills Test next Friday, the 20th.


We will be finishing Topic 7 Mental subtraction this week. Please ask your child to teach you how we do this on a hundreds chart.

Continue working on addition facts. 2nd graders need to be able to correctly do 100 addition facts in 5 minutes.

We are also giving a grade for subtraction facts this quarter. Students are expected to do 100 subtraction facts in 6 minutes.


We will spend the time left before Thanksgiving on "Pearl and Waner: Two Great Friends". Skills are long e words, identifying verbs (ask your child to sing the verb song). using organization in writing (opening and closing sentences, sequence).

This story is about Inventing as well as friendship.

Congratulations !!

These students have over 30 AR points: Landon, Kenzee!

With over 20 points are: Maddox, Eli, and Madison!

Over 15 points are Alana, Sydney, and Skylar!

Great work ! Keep reading and taking the computer quizzes!!


On level Q: Riley,

On level P: Kenzee, Madison

On level O: Skylar, Sydney

On level N: Linus, Samantha

Next school year change of hours

Please visit the Plainfield Community Schools Corporation website to see the proposed change of school hours for next school year. All grades are affected.