My plans to become The President

Going to college/law school through the military

I plan on doing my college through the military. I'm soon going to meet with recruiters to talk about my future. Tuition assistance will pay for 100% of my schooling. There are some requirments, undergraduate students must maintain a GPA of 2.0 of higher and graduate students a 3.0 of higher. Students who earn a GPA less than this will have to pay back the government for TA. Tuition assistances offer a great opportunity for my future.

Majoring In Criminal Law Or Economics

I want to major in criminal law or economics to become a lawyer. Law school is very competitve to get into. So I have economics as an option because there acceptance rate into law school is over 75%. If I took a pre-law major the acceptance rate is only 61%. I already have a job shadowing set up with my lawyer to get ahead of the competion. If you want to major in this field you have to be smart and willing to work hard. You should have interests about the law and getting justice for those who deserve it.

Career In Politics

After law school I plan to be a lawyer for awhile. Then I will use my experience to leap into a political career. By political career I may become president 21 years from now. Both being a lawyer and a politcian is a very stressful job but I am prepared to take it on. Lawyers earn an average annual salary of $131,990 and the president makes $400,000. So it looks like i get to make good money and do something I love. So these are my plans for the future and what I dream to do.


What are the requirements to get into this school? You must be a high school graduate, and while in schooling you must maintain a certain gpa. Also talked about in the going to college section.

Why are you considering this college? Well there are three things that matter in this world, God, my Family, and my Country. i would not only serve my country but get a free education out of it as well.

What programs are offered at this school? The big one is Tuition Assistance which is how you can get your schooling for free.

What do you plan on doing with this major? i plan to get into law school and use it as helpful knowledge to my political career.

What kind of internships can you take on? Well I am already going to be starting to job shadow my lawyer, other things you can do is ask law firms and courthouses if there is anything helpful to you that you can do.

What sort of classes can you expect with this major? Well to be a lawyer and politician you're going to want a lot of English and math classes.

What sort of skills do you need? You need some good social skills, you need to be a nice and good person but know when it's time to argue and prove your point.

What is all involved with this career? As a lawyer you are looking for justice and freedom whenever it is right. As a politician or President, well that kind of speaks for itself.

Why do you want to go into this career? Man, this is a tough question because it's one of those things you just know. I love this kind of stuff, I think it is just amazing and it means the world to me.