What is biomass


Renewable resoures

Renewable resources are soures that can be reused. Renewable resources are every where ex:trees,grass,water,people,animals.


Biomass is a renewable resources because there is a lot of things that make biomass ex: burring poop,garbage and dead things. It's renewable because things die and poop each day. Biomass can be elictericeity it also can heat up buildings. There is three types of biomass 1.biogas 2.biofuel 3.biomass those are three types of biomass.


we will not run out and we poop each day also animals die. Plants grow then die an animals grow also trees grow then die. People grow then we die


Mit not be any more animals to die and cant poop also no more trees to die. No more plants to die and no more dog,cats,fish,snakes,spiders to die