Ready to make your OWN Luck?

WHY NOT Shoot for 1000, 2300 PQV in MARCH!?

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Have you already hit $550 or even $2600 this month?

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LOOK AT YOU GO so far this MARCH!!

Heather Mclellan 5,776.58

Jan Burden St. Albert, AB 3,272.50

Becky Dube Fort Mcmurray, AB 2,996.18

Jennifer Lychak Sherwood Park, AB 2,749.50

Jill Russell Saint John , NB 2,533.40

Trish Toma St. Albert, AB 2,391.00

Shauna Fiddler Slave Lake, AB 2,050.38

Maryse Arseneau Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,982.25

Angela Woods Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,935.50

Laura Olsen Tompkins , SK 1,626.90

Bonnie Chalmers Spruce Grove, AB 1,624.50

Tara Bauer Torrington, AB 1,623.47

Lindsay Ross St. Albert, AB 1,592.40

Rikki Kearns Fort St John, BC 1,587.80

Yvonne Dyck Fort St. John, BC 1,536.73

Pamela Clark Spruce Grove, AB 1,532.50

Megan Coffin Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,519.50

Rebecca Landry Edmonton, AB 1,346.00

Melissa Dziendzielowski Edmonton, AB 1,270.50

Hilary Clow Alberta, AB 1,225.60

Jennifer Anderson Antigonish, NS 1,138.60

Jennifer Smits Leduc, AB 1,105.51

Janelle Johnson Redcliff, AB 1,059.00

Kristy George Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,053.00

Holly Baker Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,045.99

Brenda Fortais Fort Mcmurray, AB 1,012.50

Christine Chisholm Antigonish, NS 982.00

Carol Tessier Sherwood Park, AB 888.50

Carla Merrill Fort St John, BC 888.00

Patti Boudreau Antigonish, NS 878.60

Clarissa Vargo Fort Mcmurray, AB 873.50

Jillian Pahl Red Deer, AB 821.50

Crystal Morais Frankville, NS 726.50

Carmen Leischner Elnora, AB 691.54

Vanessa Landry Edmonton, AB 656.00

Erin Beraskin Edmonton, AB 635.00

Jacqueline Cullen Edmonton, AB 613.00

Heather Deck Medicine Hat , AB 581.35

Amber Ward La Scie, NL 579.00

Check out where YOU are at in your lounge under: MY MONTHLY REWARDS

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Shooting for $2600 (2300 PQV) will get you a 5% Raise?

Are you close?

Shoot for it lady!

When was the last time you could GIVE YOURSELF a RAISE?!

Whether your going for $550, $2600 or BEYOND there are SO MANY REASONS to PUSH right until the end of March!

If you're not there yet....I mean this in the most LOVING WAY possible…It's time to get ON IT!

DID YOU KNOW all the reasons why it is worth it for YOU to be a QUALIFIED Stylist this month?

P.S. Qualifed means that you have sold $550 in accessories in the month of October!

Let me count the ways!


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THAT'S RIGHT! And I'm thinking you want MORE stuff, for not much cash, YES?

New, FUN Styles are COMING AGAIN in April, and I know you're going to want them! So, why not save EVEN MORE!

$500 in product for 99 bucks. Or if you're a STAR or above by then who has sold 2300 PQV Jan-March you get $1000 for $198!!!


Here are our earners SO FAR:

Heather McLellan

Shauna Fiddler

Angela Woods

Jan Burden

Pamela Organ

Clarissa Vargo

Trish Toma

Becky dube

Yvonne Dyck

Janine Sept

Jennifer Lychak

Carmen Leischner

Lisa Bowes

Jennifer Anderson

Christine Chisholm

nicole van maarion

Carlee Whitelock In Jumpstart!

Jill Russell In Jumpstart!

Tara Bauer In Jumpstart!

Pamela Clark

Megan Coffin In Jumpstart!

Holly Francese

Rikki Kearns In Jumpstart!

Hilary Clow

Melissa Dziendzielowski

Erin Robinson

Jenny Northrup

Christine Spicer

Kristy George

Kelsey Thorburn

Holly Baker In Jumpstart!

Lindsay Ross

Deirdre-Anne Lloyd

Erin Beraskin

Kristine Poworoznik

Susan Bradley

Kelly Beland

Michelle Toner

Rebecca Landry In Jumpstart!

Lee-Ann Gaalaas

Sheri Raike In Jumpstart!

Kerry Ferguson

janelle Johnson In Jumpstart!

Maryse Arseneau In Jumpstart!

Jessica Detenshen

Laura Olsen

Jennifer Smits In Jumpstart!

Michelle Artymko

Patti Boudreau

Kerra Chomlak


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That's for reals too!

2% of your sales go right back into your BIZ SUPPLY account! They will be READY AND WAITING for you too when you are ready to promote your business at your Fall Trunk Shows!

And this too means MONEY that stays in your cute & stylish pocket!

You only qualify for that 5% when your monthly sales hit $500!

Are you in your JUMPSTART, your first 60 days?


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If that's not enough...

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We love gifting HARD WORKING Stylists with FUN PRIZES!!

You can only WIN if you have sold $1000 this month! And yep.. the hardest part will be choosing what DESIGNER BRAND you like best...

Enter on our FACEBOOK THREAD to be entered!

Will it be YOU?!

NEED SOME IDEAS? No prob BOB! I've got a few...


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Mystery Hostess: This is the term that is used when a Stylist is having a trunk show where the hostess is not known at the time of the show.

Creating a Trunk Show for a "Mystery Hostess"

1. From the stylist lounge, select "Book a Trunk Show"

2. Select "A customer is hosting this trunk show" and use the following method to create a unique email contact for the "Mystery hostess"

When creating a Mystery Hostess Trunk show, it is important to use a new, unique email address.
That way, the hostess chosen can access the earned rewards.
We recommend using the following format to create an email address:

[Stylist ID]-[Trunk Show date][month][year]


Make sure you also include the Mystery Hostess address (This will be the address that orders will ship to if placed as "shipped to hostess")

3. Enter the physical address that the party will be held at (if different from the "Mystery Hostess" Address

4. Verify all of the information and BOOK the TRUNK SHOW

*To redeem the Hostess Rewards, you as the Stylist will need to process the Hostess Order in your lounge, or call the Delight Center to reset the Password.

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Friends, neighbours, your email contacts, share on FB. And let's take it a few steps further:

The FORTUNE is in the FOLLOW UP!

2. Host your OWN Trunk Show this week-end! Style for a STEAL. You know they're gonna love it! You can KEEP THE HOSTESS REWARDS if you haven't done so TWICE yet this calendar year! OR make it a MYSTERY HOSTESS! Someone who orders can WIN IT ALL!

3. Sell on the go! Pack up a getaway or a bring it! Talk it up! What you TALK ABOUT COMES ABOUT, you know…

4. And chat with your momma. She'll be there for you, right? HAHA!


I want to know! Send me a note back!! Let's hear you SAY IT!
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One more thing....


Las Vegas, July 16-18, 2015

We SO HOPE you will join us!

Here's your link to REGISTER FOR HOOPLA!! We SO HOPE you will join us!…/event-summary-997eacd0686d47e7a231bb…

1000 bonus points if you register before the end of March!

Please let your upline leader know if you would like space in one of our BEjeweled BIG DEAL Suites!

Space is LIMITED!

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Heather McLellan, Senior Director

My vision is for women to make a MIND BLOWING income, have CHOICES other than the typical 9-5, and to be IN LOVE with what they do. Inspired? You can do it too!

And I'm here to help YOU with whatever you want to do! Let me know how I can help! I CAN'T WAIT to chat with YOU!



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