Election of 1800

By:Chloe Byrd

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Making the World a Better Place!

Thomas Jefferson is a Democratic Republican. Thomas Jefferson is the kind of person you would like to vote for because he likes the strict interpretation of the constitution. Why? Because he is the kind of man that likes to follow the rules (constitution) you need to have this kind of man because like John Adams if you vote for him he won't follow the rules and just make his own, you don't want that you want a leader you can trust! Next is the weaker National Government and the stronger state government. I like how he does this because if you have the stronger National Government then the Government would be too strong so that is why its better to have it in the states. Lastly the common man in government because if you have the rich and educated then the people wouldn't be heard. If you had the common man the you would have a voice and they would listen to your opinion but not the rich and educated.