Venn Diagrams

All Grades - Comprehension & Content Areas

Main Characteristics/Uses

-Shows relationships between and among things

-Two or more overlapping circles

-Differences on the outsides, similarities in the overlapping section

-Compare and contrast texts (or anything!)

Why Venn Diagrams?

-They help students think more analytically.

-They support Common Core State Standards (comprehending fiction & nonfiction books, interpreting visual information, structure of stories...).

-They support English Language Learners (graphic organizers help students structure information).

Pros & Cons


- Pictures can be used rather than words for younger students or ELLs.

-Flexible usage.

-Helps students learn to compare and contrast, as well as interpret information visually.


-Comparing and contrasting is a skill with which younger students may struggle.

-They are not always super fun.

Let's do one together!