Konner's Poem

Mrs. Leinen 2013

Limerick Abby

There once was a kid named abby she sat by her Dad when she is crabby She got her wat almost everyday That's what I know about abby

Haiku Cat

Stupid little cat very fat it is geting super fat stupid little cat

Acrostic Konner

Kind every day

Outside and inside

Nice to everybody

Never is mean

Everybody is nice to me to

Ready to be nice to everybody

Shape Basketball

Pass lineup Steal block Free throw dribble turnover 3 Pointer Dunk layup shoot Foul

Couplet Poem's

My bad dad is sad because of chad

My fat cat ate a bat for dinner

The loud clound is very pround

I was bold in the cold

I am glad because of chad

I will get to the room very very soon

Konner's Bio poem


Who is friendlly,kind,Nice,smart

Brother and sister Kyle Kevin ,Keith Kimberly, Amanda

Lover of Sport,Pizza

Who fears Black Mambaand Grizzly bears

Who nedds kindness and hopeful

Giver of love and kindness

Who would like to see Kentucky, New York

Resident of Harlan


Konner Diamante Poem


cold, Gray

spins, turns,orbit

small, skinny circle crates

hot, red colossall

gases fire