Where is Middle Earth?

Tennessee of course!

Why was it not so obvious for you?

Well, before I tell you the facts, let me tell you about Tennessee's culture! Tennessee has the Tennessee Titans (not the best team in the NFL) and Tennessee Vol's (Not the best College team). People here like Hummus and Falafels, Fried Chicken, and hot Chicken! The only downside is that Tennessee is almost always cold. But they have mountains (the Smoky mountains) and lots a forests. Well, Tennessee is like one big forest (with an occasional city/town and open plains). If its not obvious, most people in Tennessee speak english.

How is this related to Middle Earth?

I hear you thinking, "how does the facts above relate to Middle Earth Chuck?". Well, Middle Earth has two mountains, Tennessee's Smoky Mountains have two mountain ranges (both of them are the Smokies). Tennessee has lots of rivers (like Middle Earth). That brings me to my conclusion, Tennessee could be Middle Earth!

Why not New Zealand?

Well, New Zealand is good and all but, Tennessee has way more realism to The Hobbit than new Zealand. Plus, all others are not as good as Tennessee.

Conclusion to why Middle Earth resembles Tennessee

As you can see from all the reasons I have listed, Tennessee is the perfect place for Middle Earth. I have also proved that the countries, and continents aren't suitable for being the place of the hobbit. That is all from me, just remember where the Hobbit movies should have been!

Link http://www.tn.gov