Mrs. Foulk's News


Important Dates:

12/19 Gift Exchange With Class/ Class Winter Party

12/20-1/4 Winter Break
1/5- Classes Resume

Next Week:

Math: We will be looking at data and how to interpret and analyze graphs.

Writing: Students will choose a book to do a review on. This will be our first "opinion" writing piece of the year. We will discuss using evidence or examples to support their opinion.

Reading: We will close our government/reading unit by focusing specifically on the three branches of government.

Important Information About Our Specials Schedule:

Our special's schedule will change after our winter break. Starting Monday, January 5th, our schedule will be as follows:






Students will need tennis shoes on THURSDAY now instead of WEDNESDAY.


When students synthesize, they combine new ideas with their schema to better understand a text. We have used the founding father, Thomas Jefferson to learn more about this reading strategy.

Students filled in a KWL chart (What I KNOW, What I WONDER, and what I LEARNED) on Thomas Jefferson. They read books individually and collected new facts about him.

We came together as a class to share and discuss how our thinking has changed and grown about Thomas Jefferson.

Next week we will use our mind map (web) to summarize our knowledge.

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