Kennedy's Best School Year

By: Kennedy Fehd

My teachers.

My teachers made me believe that any thing could happen if it is good or bad. Please rea till end.
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Mrs.Ammerman was my home room teacher. She wasn't just a teacher she was kinda like a counsler/ friend to me. I could tell her all the girl drama and she would LISTEN. When I got upset about something I didn't get , she would help me with the problem. ( I know that's what teachers are for but still) she was also really cheesy
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Mrs. Edwards was my social studies teacher. Social Studies is my favorite subject. She taught it very well. Everyday when I wasn't motivated to do anything I'd rember I had Mrs.Edwards for social studies.
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Mrs.Considine was my math teacher. She was funny, smart, understanding, always fun. I loved Mrs.Considne. When I did;nt get something she would personaly help me . Math is my worst subject but Mrs.Considnine helps me understand.


Thank you teachers my first year in the middle school awesome!