Garcinia Cambogia

By: Morgan Shannon

Title: Oprah & Dr OZ Discover Holy Grail of Dieting- How To Easily Drop 24 Lbs in 3 Weeks!

Author: Unknown

Source: Shape

Date: April 5, 2016


This author starts the article off by writing about an easy way to lose weight. The author discusses a new product that Dr. Oz is promoting and says that it's a "simple, cheap and effective" way to lose weight. It then shows various before and after pictures of celebrities that lost weight, supposedly by following Dr. Oz's advice. It then displays the product name: Garcinia, and explains that Garcinia can burn fat and is very cheap. The author also shows more before and after pictures of strangers that seem to have lost belly fat from this product. The author then discusses the ProLean Cleanse, which is used with Garcinia to lose even more weight. It then goes into detail about a girl who tried this product and lost 21 pounds in 14 days. Finally the author ends the article by mentioning the free trial of the supplement that can be ordered.


I would not trust this article for many reasons. One being it is not a government or educational website. The ending of the link is .com so I would be careful when reading this information. This article is in the magazine "Shape" which is not a credible source when getting information about nutrition. The magazine tends to sell products and promote fitness that isn't always research based. Another reason would be that the author's name is not anywhere in the article. Since the author's name is not addressed, the information may not be accurate since the author takes no credit for what is being written. The author is also trying to sell the product: Garcinia, and this makes the information biased because the author only brings up the positive things about the product and leaves out the negatives. It also seems too good to be true. When people are trying to sell their products, they tend to make it seem like it's perfect, but we all know that weight loss cannot be as simple as taking a supplement. There is no scientific evidence that the product is working, all they show as evidence is before and after pictures and the celebrities in the before and after pictures probably had to do much more than simply taking the supplement to lose weight. I would point all of this out to my patient if they considered taking this product and lead them to more research based information to help them decide to take the supplement or not. A website called would be helpful in finding more information about the supplement and it is a trusted website because it is from a top-level organization and based on research.

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