10 fabulous Free Apps

This weekend only!

EnsenaSoft are offering a large selection of their fun and educational apps for free this weekend (14th and 15th March). There are more than 100 apps to choose from and they are completely free so download them now while you have the chance!

I have picked out ten of the best ones to get you started. Please note: I have included Apple, Android and Windows links where possible but not all of the apps are available across these platforms.

Literacy Apps

Ultimate Word Search

If you like word searches, then Ultimate Word Search is a great game for you. It contains 63 word categories packed with fun and interesting word search puzzles. There are puzzles covering English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French words. The English categories include: Adjectives, Verbs, Animals, Christmas & Winter, Clothes, Countries, Elements, Foods, and Human Body. The game is really easy to play. Users select a word by tapping on the start and then tapping on the end. The word is then automatically crossed out. Once they have found all 12 words they can move on to a new puzzle.

Ultimate Word Search is an app that children are going to be happy to play and it will help to build their vocabulary and spelling ability at the same time. A really nice feature is the option to look up words in the dictionary from within the app. Background music is included and Users can also choose from six different themes including Newspaper, Christmas and Letter Soup.

Ultimate Hangman

Ultimate Hangman is a great version of the classic pencil and paper game. It contains 73 word categories covering everything from adjectives to animals and clothes to countries. There are also 7 random modes so there are ample opportunities to develop both vocabulary and spelling skills. Ultimate Hangman also contains four great themes: Doodle Hangman, Chillin' Chalk, Christmas Snowman and Flower Power.

Doodle Hangman gives an added dimension to the game by bringing the characters to life in beautifully crafted doodle form. There are multiple animations per sequence so you are never quite sure what he is going to do next. However, parents and teachers should be warned that these sequences would not be suitable for younger children due to the slightly more realistic depiction of the hangman process.

Chillin' Chalk is a school house chalkboard theme where the hangman character is reproduced in stick form. The Christmas Snowman theme works the other way around. As children choose incorrect letters the snowman disappears. The final theme, Flower Power, is very similar to this with petals that fly away when incorrect letters are selected. Each theme has a two player mode that allows one student to enter their own words for someone else to guess. As with Ultimate Word Search it is possible to look up words in the dictionary from within the app.

Numeracy Apps

Tap Tap Math: Addition

Tap Tap Math: Addition is designed to help children learn to do basic addition in their heads. Students are presented with a structure of floating tiles. They have to eliminate all of the tiles by finding the two tiles the match the sum at the top of the screen. There are 4 chapters with 21 lessons in each chapter. Each lesson has random tile layouts so can be redone many times.

Tap Tap Math: Subtraction

Like the addition version above, Tap Tap Math: Subtraction is designed to help children learn to do basic subtraction in their heads. Students are presented with a structure of floating tiles. They have to eliminate all of the tiles by finding two tiles whose difference equals the result at the top of the screen. There are 4 chapters with 21 lessons in each chapter. Each lesson has random tile layouts so it can be reused many times.

Math Mago

Math Mago is a fast paced mathematics game where you have to solve the computations by figuring out the first 2 numbers in the sum. You then have to pick these numbers from an from an 8x8 grid of numbers. Any numbers that are correctly identified disappear from the grid and your magical power increases. Problems can be addition, subtraction, multiplication or division but you have the options to focus on individual math types.

Geography Apps

World Flags (Match’Em Up History & Geography)

World Flags is a fun way to learn the names, capitals and flags of countries from around the world. Each game consists of four rounds and there are three levels of difficulty with either 8, 12 or 18 country flags used. In round one, players have to match the country flags. When they do so, they are shown the country name and its capital city. In round two, players match the flags to the names of the countries. In round three, they match the flags to the names of the capitals. The final round is all words with players being asked to match the names of countries to the capitals.

Each game randomly uses different countries, but the same countries are then used through all four rounds giving players plenty of opportunities to get to know them. As confidence grows players can choose to go head to head in the two player mode.

Strategy Apps

Terrific Tic Tac Toe

Terrific Tic Tac Toe is a really nice version of the classic children’s game. It includes three great themes - Doodle Cartoon, Christmas Crosses and Sidewalk Chalk. The Doodle Cartoon theme sees a variety of fun doodle animations draw the O's and X's. Christmas Crosses pits Santa against his elves and Sidewalk Chalk is a beautiful recreation of the outdoor version that most of us would have played as children. Terrific Tic Tac Toe has three levels of play (easy, medium, hard) and users can choose to play either a two player game or can go up against the app on their own.

4 In A Row

4 In A Row has always been one of my favourite board games and it is great to see an app that accurately recreates it in digital form. For anyone who hasn’t played it, the aim is simple: connect 4 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally to win the game. Users can try to beat the computer or can play against a friend in two player mode. There are three levels of game play (easy, medium and hard) and three themes. The Christmas Beat theme lets you stack up the ornaments while listening to upbeat Christmas music from around the world. The Jammin' Sports theme pits basketball against football.

Master Minesweeper

Master Minesweeper is a new version of this classic game. It contains two original themes (Desert Sands and Christmas Gifts) and has three levels of difficulty (beginner, medium and expert). Music and sound effects are also included. The goal is to mark where mines are by tap and holding for 2 seconds. Users can tap and hold again to place a question mark and once more to clear the flags. Just tapping will check a spot for mines. Find all of the mines without any exploding to win the game.

Just For Fun!

Doodle Summer Games

In Doodle Summer Games users compete in 12 different events such as sprinting, long jump, rowing, gymnastics, skeet shooting and javelin throwing. Up to four players can complete against each other with each choosing a country to represent. Great fun!

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