Writing Technologies

Chapter 7

Concept Maps

  • Organize ideas
  • Illustrate complex relationships
  • Pre-write essays


How to use a concept map

Here's a link to a great website that teaches how to use concept maps specifically for reading. There is a section dedicated to differentiation for second language learners and students with learning disabilities.


Khan Knowledge Map: 30 second overview

Concept map from Khan Academy showing the progression of students learning mathematics, and how the concepts are interrelated.


Big image

Word Cloud Ideas


Illustrate synonyms and antonyms

Visualize frequency of student assessment answers


Proofread essays for repeated words

Analyze rhetorical devices

Identify main idea, main character, theme

Analyze tone

Students and teachers can use blogs in a variety of ways to enhance the learning experience. Teachers can post notes on a blog, update students and their parents on due dates and upcoming assignments, and share their own insights on the lessons. Students can communicate their opinions with each other, collaborate with others in the class or across the globe.

Essential Questions

  • How can we help teachers see that word clouds can be used as an educational tool and not just decoration?
  • How can we help content areas other than ELA embrace the use of concept maps to help students make connections?
  • Who is responsible for monitoring educator blogs to make sure they are following policies, procedures, and standards?