Brewer Bear Cafés

Think BIG, Bears DO!

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Brewer High School

West Elementary

Beautiful fruit offered daily to all of our students.

Fine Arts Academy

January - Harvest of the month is Grapefruit

Fine Arts Academy

December - Harvest of the month is Spinach

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West Elementary Cafe

November - Harvest of the month is Carrots. Try some today!

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Fine Arts Academy Cafe

November - Harvest of the Month is Carrots.

Our Fine Arts Café is serving Multicolored Carrots in honor of the Harvest of the Month.
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Harvest of the month - Carrot - Carrot Craisin Pineapple Salad

Brewer High School Cafe

TX harvest of this month was Carrots.  Our cafés made a delicious Carrot Craisin Salad.  Yummy and nutritious.

Blue Haze Elementary Cafe

Liberty Elementary Cafe

Brewer Middle Cafe