Dance Careers

By: Jillian Andrews

Dance Teacher

Dance teachers train and develop their pupils in all types of dance. They need to be able to demonstrate techniques to students. To be a dance teacher you must have a high school diploma, bachelors degree, and graduate college to be professional. On average a dance teachers salary is $51,898, median salary is $45,427 with a salary range from $20,000 to $99,840. To be a good dance teacher, it requires some characteristics such as interacting with people well, staying calm in any situation, being fair, seeing situations from different views, confident with sharing, and managing time with flexibility. Dance teachers need experience, qualification, dedication, punctuality, and respect. Teachers should teach all different types of dance. Being a dance teacher could be difficult if you don't have all aspects that it takes.


Choreographers create and plan dance routines or sequences for dancers or performers. Choreographers can get certified as a dance teacher. They need training and education by getting experience and having certificate training, online safety training, and instructor training. the average salary for a choreographer is $42,445, median salary is $36,109, with a salary range from $20,800 to $135,200. They must be physically fit enough to demonstrate, be flexible, and have people and communication skills. To properly teach the dance routines they design. Choreographers should have dance technique, leadership, creativity and discipline. They should be able to work with others and production staff.

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Dance Photographer

Dance photographers take pictures of people dancing, such as expirenced dances and performances. Most photographers hold at least a bachelors degree in photography. Many photographers pursue formal career training through undergraduate degree progams. The average salary for a dance photographer is $39,000. Average salaries can vary due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. Photographers see things differently, are in control, are different, view and review resort to lateral working, be playful, patient, and go outdoors. Photographers see things that other people may not see. They are willing to work for less compensation, and do well with handling people. Some characteristics of a dance photographer are: not easily upsetable, organized and efficent, and reliable.