What the Tech?

Digital Reading Log Options

Reading logs in the classroom help you get to know your students as readers and allow you to observe their reading habits in order to move them forward. For students, logging reading promotes accountability allows them to look back and reflect on their reading so they can make goals for themselves.

A digital reading log can be something as simple as a basic table where students write down their book information, pages read, etc... but there are other options as well. All of these can be used with Google Classroom.

Read Around the World with Google Maps

Another option or add-on could be collecting the books students read in either a class or individualized Google Map. You could begin a Read Around the World challenge in your classroom to motivate students or use Maps as more of a personal portfolio of books read this year.

Here is an example of what this could look like and we will talk more about this at the share. The classes that tried this out last year really enjoyed it. :)

Big image

See you in the morning!