Comparison of World Religions

Lauren Coker


  • Started with Jesus Christ
  • Name of God: God
  • Began when Jesus gave his disciples the Great Commission
  • Believe that Jesus is the son of God and he sent Jesus down to Earth so he could die on the cross for us and save us from our sins
  • Christianity started in Judea which is present day Israel
  • It started 2000 years ago
  • The Good Samaritan: One day there was a man walking down the side of the road and two men walked up to him and robbed him and beat him up, three people walked by that day but the first two didn't stop to help and carried on there way. The third man to walk past took care of him and took him to an end where he would be taken care of until he felt better.
  • They have about 2 billion people worldwide
  • Their believes were spread by people walking from town to town telling everyone about the gospel
  • Holy Book: Bible
  • Holy people were: Jesus


  • Started with Muhammad
  • Name of God: Allah
  • Believes people achieve salvation by following the five pillars of Islam and living a just life
  • Started in Mecca
  • Started about 600 AD
  • The Tale of the Two Frogs: One day two frogs were hopping along and fell into a pit and all the mother frogs gathered around and told them that they were gonna die in there because they couldn't get out so they started jumping with all their might. One frog lashed down and died and the other frog kept jumping everyone told him that he would be able to get out but he jumped on more time and sprung out of the pit. They asked him why he didn't stop jumping and he said he was deaf so he thought they we're cheering him on.
  • They have about 1.2 billion people worldwide
  • Their believe was spread through trade
  • Holy Book: Qur'an
  • Holy people: none


  • Began with Confucius
  • No gods
  • Believes human should live and behave in such a way as to promote ideal social relations, rather than to act based on the expectations of rewards or punishments after death
  • Started in China
  • Started about 500 BC
  • Didn't have any parables
  • They have about 5,000,000 worldwide
  • Spread by people telling other people
  • Holy Book: The Five Classics
  • Holy People: none