Digital Art Portfolio

Andrea Brackney

Art Samples

Here are samples of my own artwork from over the years in different mediums.


I love to paint. I have experimented with acrylic, water color and oils. It is a family even at our house where we have family painting parties and paint the same subject. I love how they all turn out so differently.


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Jewelry and Repurposed Art

I really like making jewelry by re-purposing old metals. I really enjoy working with my hands to turn something old into so something new.

The Penny Table

I re-purposed my dining room table by refinishing it and turning it into a penny table. There are close to 5000 pennies on this table and added an epoxy overlay for a smooth finish.
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Photography and Video

Photography was my concentration in the art program. I love photographing kids and nature. I love what the Earth has to offer us visually and make people look at it in a whole new light.

Throughout my teaching career I have used photography in assignments and impress upon my students the importance of recording your work. I have created videos for my class to help students understand content in a different way.
Teacher Montage 2009