Water Scarcity in the World

Bryanna Roby

Needed For Life

So much of Earth is covered in water but were running out. Most of the water on Earth you can't drink because it has too much salt in it and it will create a chemical imbalance in your body that could kill you. There's 3% of freshwater and lots of it is frozen. The freshwater we do get, people waste. Between population increasing, leaking faucets, and human waste, not much is used. Burning fossil fuels causes global warming which causes drought and climate change. Places are starting to experience these problems. glaciers are starting to met and people are dying because there is such a bad drought. It's starting to threaten water sources.

Population Problems For Summer Olympics

There has been problems with polluted water in Rio de Janeiro. If you look in rivers, you see raw sewage floating around everywhere. Olympic contestants are not too happy that they have to do the Summer Olympics and want to move it. People are worried about them getting diseases from trash and human waste in the rivers. The city says it will be fine but they are delaying cleanup.

What's Happening to Rivers and Water Sources.

With people throwing trash everywhere, especially in water it causes changes to that water. People said it smelled really bad and it started turning colors. For people who are competiting in the Summer Olympics, they could get a sickness if they fall in the water. It also sets off a really bad image for the town for people who come to visit. It could also cause people to move or not even want to visit.

Trying to Change the Problem

Officials have set goals for treating the problem but less than half has been treated. They set up Ecoboats to go around and pick up the trash. While thats happening they also put of Ecobarriers to not let trash into the river. Tourists say its not helping much at all. In the end they could only get 50% cleaned up. Summer Olympics will still continue through the pollution.