Bailey Fisher

6 sizes of ribbon

#1- used for boutonnieres

#3- used for corsages

#5- used for small/medium size bows for arrangements

#9- used for homecoming and bows (most common)

#40- used for homecoming and funeral work

#100- used for Christmas decorations and reefs

Types of ribbon

*Grosgrain: used for hair bows

*Wired: used for Christmas decorations and reefs

*Tulle: used for wedding dresses, bows, and prom

*Burlap: used for reefs

*Curling: used for balloons, gifts, and homecoming decorations

*Velvet: used for Christmas decorations

*Chiffon: used for everyday life, bouquets

*Satin or silk: used to wrap bouquets, homecoming decorations and sashes

*Acetate: used for everyday life, homecoming decorations, and funeral work