Have you been vaccinated yet?

Why Vaccination Should NOT Be Mandatory?


A vaccination is putting a disease or a harmful virus inside your body to solve the problem that you might catch that sickness in the long run. But what about when it is injected into your body? They make you take a dose of the drug when you are at a young age. Some of them when you are too young and your immune system may not be able to fight it. Why put something inside your body that you never had in the first place.

Vaccination are not 100%?

Even with a vaccination, you are still not 100% protected, the sickness can still harm you even with the vaccination. When 59,000 children were vaccinated 30,094 required hospitalization while 2,169 deaths. About 95% of those deaths were in children under three years old. Examples after examples prove that even with the vaccine, many people still caught the illness, your safety is never guaranteed.

Diseases that no longer effect us?

You still have to take shots or vaccinations for sicknesses that no longer hurt us or are spread, they may only have them in labs! An example would be measles; we no longer experience it but we are still vaccinated from it.

Vaccinations can change your lives?

Every parent should be allowed to make the decision for vaccinations; parents should be able to choose if their children are injected with those harmful substances. It is said that vaccinations can cause your children to get Autism or Cancer. In many cases, after the children took the vaccines, they could get autism causing their lives to change.