The Fourth Grade Flyer

Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Gulam, Mrs. McIntosh, Mrs. Bowles

Flyer Redesign Notice

In an effort to encourage full reading of our flyer, we have placed the homework/vocabulary for the week into Google docs. These links will be at the end of the newsletter, before our Bank and Important Dates section.

Please read all the way through the newsletter and to find the document links to our homework for the week!

This Friday is Mustache Day! Don't forget to wear a mustache!

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VRE Turkey Drive

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Making a Change PBL

When we return from Thanksgiving Break, we will start our Making a Change PBL! This PBL is a combination of financial literacy skills and service learning - our students will create a budget and shop for a family in need.

In order for this PBL to be successful, we need help! If you, or anyone (or business!) that you know of might like to donate, please ask your teacher for a letter to give out to businesses or others who may donate. Our students rely on donations to make this project successful and give back to our community.

Idiom of the Week

To "talk turkey" means to talk about the task or business seriously.


"It's time to talk turkey and stop messing around."

Try using this idiom this week in your writing and speaking!
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Creative Writing Competition

Deadline approaching!

Holiday Assistance

Dear VRE Families,

CISD is fortunate to have generous individuals and organizations eager to help with food, toys, and clothing for the upcoming holiday season. If you are in financial need and would like to receive assistance, please contact Nurse Kathleen at 214-496-8500 or by email at Assistance is available to all of our VRE families in need. These programs have deadlines, so please contact Nurse Kathleen as soon as possible. All information is kept confidential.

Happy Holidays,

Mrs. Montano, School Counselor

Kathleen Valenski, RN School Nurse

This Week's Learning Documents

Star Saver Bank Dates

November 20- A/C
December 4- B/D
December 18- A/C
January 15- B/D
February 5- A/C
February 19- B/D
March 4- A/C
April 1 -B/D
April 15 -A/C
May 6- B/D

May 19 - A/C

Dates to Remember

November Dates

  • November 20: Bank day
  • November 23-27: No school
  • November 30: Citizen of the Month

December Dates

  • December 4: Bank day
  • December 18: Bank day, Citizen of the Month
  • December 21-January 3: Winter break

Not sure about idioms? Watch this!