Bring Hunger to Light

-A race to stop hunger in our community

bring hunger to light .

Join us at a race at Burney Harris-Lyons that will be held on November 4th at 4:45-5:00. Come on to end hunger and race just for the people that is dying of hunger. The entry for each person is 5 cans .The participants may be at least 10 years of age .You don't have to participate in the race but you can really participate in bringing in cans.Whatever helps it will work.Thank you.
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What to bring to the Race .

.Closed toe shoes

.Water bottle

.At least 3 or more cans if want bring more

.Family Members

Bring Hunger To Light

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 4:45-5pm

1600 Tallassee Road

Athens, GA