Kanye West says he loves Whataburger for fast food

On Kanye West's last trip to the Dallas area, he went to Whataburger multiple times, and when asked about the amount of times he went, he said, "Whataburger is my favorite fast food restaurant so it is tradition to now go multiple times every time i visit Dallas." Two of the times he went, he was by himself, and said that when he goes to Whataburger he likes to be able to savor the moment and he does that best when he is by himself.

McDonalds prices lower by 50%

McDonalds one of Whataburger's biggest competitors decided to lower their prices by 50% to increase in the amount of people who are buying their food. McDonalds is hoping to steal some loyal customers from their competitors.

Income of 1000s in the city lowers

Many companies in the city are being forced to lower the income of many of their employees. The employees are now being forced to eat at low price fast food establishments, which is giving companies like Whataburger more customers.

100 families leave the city

100 families are expected to leave the city, which is about 500 people move from the city. They are having to leave because of the lower income that is effecting many more than just the 100 families that are being forced to leave. Out of the 100 families that are leaving, 75% of them eat at Whataburger at least twice a week. Not only by leaving the city, the families are effecting the city, but they are also effecting the demand for Whataburger.

Whataburger to raise prices in the new year

Whataburger just announced that starting next year the prices for a majority of their meals is expected to go up. Many customers have announced that because of the price raising that it will prevent them to going to Whataburger as much next year, and so they have to eat more for the rest for the year, until the prices go up.