Matthew's History of Reading

By: Matthew Sesing

Learning to Read

When I was young my mom and dad would read to me. And that is how I learned to read is by listening to my mom read to me. My favorite book to be read to was If You Give A Moose A Cookie by: Luara Joffe Numeroff and Illastrated by Felicia Bond. Another author I love reading when I was young boy. Is Dr. Suess.
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Grades 1st- 5th

During 1st and 2nd grade I could not find an author to read. So I didn't find reading fun. Then in 3rd grade I found an author that really interested me and he was Andrew Clements. Andrew had fun and adventurous books that I could read a MILLION times! Then in 4th grade Andrew Clements didn't get me anymore at the end of 4th grade.Then My teacher Mr. Friess Made me read this medieval times book an didn't like it. So in the end of 4th I hated books. Then in 5th grade didn't help because my teacher didn't understand me.

6th grade

In 6th grade I couldn't find an Independent book to read and made me lost and wondering . Then we got into book club books and I loved The Fourth Stall. Then We started The Breadwinner and LOVED it to. Then at the end of the year I read Endangered and was like wow that was AMAZING and even recommented it for my mom.

Now I will be reading my way to my future and to the world beyond