Fish Oil

Is there something "🐟 -y" going on?

What is fish oil?

Fish oil vitamins contains Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are found in certain fish, vegetables and other plants. Our body can't produce these fatty acids so it relys on our diet in order to obtain them. Omega-3 lowers the production of triglycerides, which, in high amounts, can cause coronary artery disease, heart diseases, and stroke. Fish Oil, diet and exercise together can help lower triglyceride levels in the blood. It also claims to build muscle and reduce body fat.

By adding fish oil to your diet can you eliminate vegetables?

In order to get all the healthy benefits that help fight diseases from vegetables, just taking the pill version won't cut it. A recent study from Oregon State University found that an important phytochemical in broccoli and other similar veggies is poorly absorbed and much less beneficial when taken in supplement form.

Why isn't research adding up?

Simply put, there is no significant research that supports the claims being made about fish oil and its benefits. These fatty acids found in Omega-3 have not shown to have healthy benefits when studied in long clinical studies. In other words, if someone isn't getting the needed vitamins through foods and start to take fish oil, they will see a difference. But this is not likely the case. There is even a study that claims fish oil can help cause prostate cancer in men who have a high level of the compounds found in fish (not vegetables).

How does fish oil affect the musculoskeletal system?

Side affects to taking fish oil, because of Omega-3:

> Omega-3 may cause an abnormal heart rhythm.

> Changes in energy and physical activity, which affect the muscles.

> Muscle pain and swelling

The good things to fish oil:

Fish oil may also help improve mental clarity, concentration and memory.

Some people report an improved mood and overall sense of well being when taking it, according to A Calorie Counter. Along with better skin and hair is. There are also claims that state that taking fish oil supplements can lessen back pain, improved vision, help eczema and basically have some degree of impact in fixing or improving countless other similar issues. Fish oil supplements should always be taken with a meal and not on an empty stomach.

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