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InspireDreams in Motion presents What is Love

Often times we only view Love in one perspective, and that of course is in view of a romantic relationship. But there is so much more to this thing called Love. It's what drives us to pursue a dream. Its what motivates us to be kind and generous to others around us. It's what gives us the strength to move forward and above in our life's. So the question is what is love to you? Do you put limits and boundaries on exactly how and what you love? Art helps us explore the sensuality of Love in its many forms. From the painting that reminds you of the day the rain made you smile. To the dance we do when we have accomplished a goal. To the song that helped mend your broken heart. Embark on this journey with us to really explore, what is love.

What is Love

Saturday, March 28th, 6-7:30pm

5151 E 33rd Ave

Denver, CO

Are you ready for a night of music, art, and dancing that will indulge your senses and spark your imagination? Come join us to be a part of the second InspireDreams in Motion art production!

Cover is donation based, we do ask for a $5 minimum donation. All funds go to building the InspireDreans in Motion company

Featured Artists


Felix Avis

Jacqueline Rose

The Apprentice of Peace


Divine Illusion

Joli hernandez