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MARCH 2022


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School Calendar Reminders & Updates

March 28-April 29: Testing window for STAAR-ALT 2

April 5-8: High School English EOC testing

April 18-22: April Break

April 25: Regular student school day (bad weather make up)


Kennedale ISD is now using Tutor.com to help students achieve their goals by giving them access to live, one on one, tutoring whenever and wherever they need it most. Students grades 7 - 12 have access 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Students grades K - 6 have access 7AM to 10PM, 7 days a week. Get more information on tutor.com for KISD here.

Tech Balance

Tech Balance is a free resource provided by Common Sense Media that will give you ideas on how to best spend time with your children while using technology. Receive free text message tips and online learning resources to practice healthy media habits at home with your family!

Text "kids" to 21555

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Link to Tech Balance

Tech Balance Video

Emergent Bilingual Parent Meeting: Monday, March 28 at 6:00 PM

KISD Ascender Parent Portal Reminders

The Ascender Parent Portal allows parents to set alerts for grades and attendance and view report cards and progress reports. Parents may also email their child’s teacher from within the Ascender Parent Portal. Simply click on the teacher’s name from the student’s class schedule.

Parents may view the Ascender Parent guide HERE.


Business Practicum

Kennedale High School offers a CTE pathway in Business for our students. This year, students in the Business Practicum have had the opportunity to work with other practicums to help them grow and shape their businesses. The students worked with Katsy Printing (Graphic Design) to get their ordering services off the ground and running. They have also been helping the Culinary program manage their finances and collect fees for teacher lunches and the Coffee Bistro throughout the school year.

Business Practicum students have also focused on designing their own entrepreneurial business plans. They have developed ideas, named their businesses, created logos with Graphic Design, filmed commercials with Audio Video students, and worked through business plans.

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Audio Video Production

The students in Audio Video have so many different opportunities throughout the school year to receive hands-on experience across all aspects of production. For example, the Wildcat Network (WCN) is run by students in the Kennedale High School Audio Video Production Practicum. WCN is in charge of the video board during football games, creating the weekly WCN announcements, producing and filming Parent University, and working with KISD Public Relations department to create highlight videos covering great things happening in our district. We are grateful for the contributions of these students, who will be able to take this valuable experience with them as they enter the workforce in the professional production industry.

CCMR Preparation and Planning Materials for College, Career, and Military Entrance

Are you looking for preparation or study materials for your student for SAT, ACT, TSI, AP, or ASVAB exams?

Access EBSCO Learning Express/TexQuest from Kennedale ISD's unique authenticated link below.

Students can create a free account by clicking the following link and following these steps:

1) Go to: http://www.learningexpresshub.com/prepstephighschool?AuthToken=E7131D7E-998F-4179-8619-14301A0D67C4

2) Click "Sign In/Register"

3) Fill in your information; be sure to use your KISD student e-mail address


  • FREE for KISD students and includes test prep for SAT, ACT, and AP Testing
  • Students can log in through their Clever Account.

TSIA2.0 Test prep

Counseling Corner

KISD 7 Core Character Traits: PAW PRIDE AWARDS

Congratulations to the students who received the Paw Pride Award for PERSEVERANCE in February. We are so proud of you!

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Happy Social Work Month!

KISD is so fortunate to have an amazing team of support with Communities In Schools and KISD Social Workers. View the most recent Parent U to meet our Student Support Services team, and hear how they work with our staff, students, and families.

KISD Social Workers

Ms. Kenya Evans, LBSW

Ms. Emma Whitmire, LMSW

Ms. Mayra Tovar, BSW - Communities in Schools

Ms. Teena Thomas, MSW - Communities in Schools

Parent U Student Support Services

Thank You IKEA and CIS

Communities in Schools Program Manager, Teena Thomas, at Kennedale High School reached out to IKEA about a family in need of beds and IKEA delivered! The family received two twin mattresses, bed frames, sheets, protectors & pillows. Thank you to Ms. Thomas and Ikea!

Parent U: Pre-Registration for Secondary Students - What to Expect?

In this Parent U, listen to secondary counselors Charity Simmons, KJHS Counselor, and Kim Hunt, KHS Counselor, share information about the pre-registration process and what students and families can expect in the coming weeks.
Parent U 2/18/22

Counselor Happenings

Elementary Programs

Students at Delaney and Patterson continued character trait lessons of Perseverance with a livestream presentation of the NED show “Never give up, Encourage others, and Do your best!” They are very excited about NED and his wonderful yo-yos!

The character trait for March is Honesty. Counselors are discussing with classes how being honest is not only demonstrated by telling the truth, but also by actions - such as doing what you say you will do and not taking things from others.

Students at JAA are settled into their new campuses. Counselors and Social Workers have been in classes and supporting students with transitions and other needs.

International SEL Day was Friday, March 11th. This day honored the importance of social emotional learning. SEL is a critical component of well-rounded educational programs. Social emotional learning is vital for students because it teaches crucial skills, including the ability to understand themselves, develop positive self-talk, take responsibility for one’s actions and forge relationships with other people.

RFP enjoyed family time, fun in the sun, and burgers during our recent In and Out Burger Night. It was a great time to gather and enjoy our RFP community.

KHS Express to Destress

Ms. Teena Thomas, Communities in Schools Social Worker, created a large scale coloring page for students. Students can stop by during passing periods to grab a marker and color. Some benefits of coloring include increased focus, reduced anxiety and stress, improved sleep, and a relaxed brain.

Testing Anxiety

KISD Social Workers created the packet below for students to use during the Spring testing season. It includes ways to identify and minimize test anxiety.


The Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids project are free videos that help students learn relaxation techniques and coping skills that they can use when experiencing intense or uncomfortable emotions. All videos and print resources are available in English and Spanish for parents, educators and students.

“While kids are back to school and many other activities, this is far from ‘business as usual.’ We believe these new resources will offer effective tools — and ignite new hope — to make this and future school years more positive, productive and healthy for everyone.”

— Harold S. Koplewicz, MD, President, Child Mind Institute

Special Programs Segment

MHMR (My Health My Resources) - Tarrant County

MHMR provides a wide variety of information and services to people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and their families.

Intellectual Disability: a condition characterized by significant limitations in intellectual or cognitive functioning, plus significant difficulties with personal skills, such as communication, selfcare, social skills and financial management.

Developmental Disability: conditions that begin usually before age 18 years of age, that impact daily living skills, such as reasoning, mobility, language, and independent living. Examples include:

· Intellectual Disability (ID)

· Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

· Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

· Traumatic Brain Injury

· Cerebral Palsy

· Down Syndrome

MHMR can connect adults/families to ABG Fulfillment business, where participants are able to work a part-time schedule making minimum wage. They also coordinate friendship groups that provide craft, games, and fellowship activities. Additional services through MHMR include individual home or family home, day habilitation, employment, behavioral, supports and other services that may be available through other agencies. Respite or relief for the primary care giver also is available.

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