percentage of each element that makes nitinol

how was nitinol discovered

discovered the SMA effect in an alloy of nickel and titanium.

how is nitinol created

  • Vacuum Arc Remelting: This is done by striking an electrical arc between the raw material and a water-cooled copper strike plate. Melting is done in a high vacuum, and the mold itself is water-cooled copper, so no carbon is introduced during melting.
  • Vacuum Induction Melting: This is done by using alternating magnetic fields to heat the raw materials in a crucible (generally carbon). This is also done in a high vacuum, but carbon is introduced during the process.

how much does nitinol cost

3 physical properties of nitinol are

Melting Point (F o ): 2500-2700

Specific Gravity (H2)=1) : 6.9

Appearance and Odor : Metallic gray in color, no odor.

3 chemical properties of nitinol are

Flammable Limits : N/A

Flash Point (Fo ): N/A

Extinguishing Media: Use dry powder extinguishing agent

what the alloy is used for

nitinol was in fighter jets and used for medical purposes

one interesting fact about nitinol is