Article Review

Troy Muenzenberger


The Whole House Workout by Best Life was an article of about how it is possible to work out without any of the name brand machines or without lifting weights. This article was created because people should know that lifting or using a name brand machine isn't the only way or the best way to get in shape. The audience intended are people wanting to become better in shape that have an issue with lifting or do not want to pay for the name brand machines. This article was developed in a bullet form showing different types of workouts possible without machines or weights.


I believe that this article is a good article for people that want to get in shape without lifting and is a cheaper alternative to buying a machine. I myself might even try out some of the work out types it suggested just because it is easier then having to drive to a weight room to work out. I found the article enjoyable to read because of its simple style and upfront list and process with the types of workouts you can do. I feel like I may try out some of theses work outs to see how well they work and if it is something I want to do in the future.

Relation to My life

In my life I find it difficult to make time to go to the weight room after school and complete homework with any free time available. I find that these work out options to be a better way for me to get in shape and still have time to myself. If I was able to do these work out methods at home it would contribute to a healthier lifestyle and an overall more in shape person. These work out methods I could introduce to friends that also have this issue and to those that have trouble getting people in shape.


This article is a very straight forward article that can offer a solution to the problem of getting or staying in shape. This article's solution is without weights or machines and is doable by anyone at their own home. While I still believe that weight lifting and machines are a very important part of getting or staying in shape, this solution can work for everyone.