All About Oceans

Ocean Ecosystems

The ocean is the largest ecosystem because their size.Only the animals that live in saltwater can be in the ocean.There are 4 layers the sunlight zone the twilight zone the midnight zone and the abyss.There is a area that's at every shore side the coastal waters.There are 5 oceans the Pacific,Atlantic,Indian,Arctic and the Southern ocean

Ocean Animals

A banded sea krait venom can be very lethal but rare. They live in tropical waters

with a coral reef or mangrove waters. They eat eels and fish,they go on land to digest food,mate,and lay eggs.A puffer fish looks like a beach ball that's harmless even tho there poison can kill 30 people!!!!! That's almost enough to kill an elephant!!! They eat algae they live in the Atlantic and the Indian ocean.The frilled shark 5.3 feet (1.6 meters) long. They mostly live in the abyss. Humans rarely find them they eat squid,fish and krill. They live in almost of all of the ocean abysses.

Ocean Plants

The cell walls of a diatom are made of a material named silica that are formed into their

shape. About 100,000 different diatom species are alive right now. They can split in half and double the population then the half finds another half and stick to each other.Kelp is the biggest ocean plant in the world,Kelp grows in coastal waters it is also the fastest growing plant in the world.Seaweed is a rootless plant that can get washed up on shore often. That can grow in coastal and tropical waters all year round

Interesting Facts

Oceans cover 71% of earths surface.There are 8 pounds of salt in 200 pounds of ocean water.Oceans have 97% of all water on earth

Human Impact On Oceans

Sometimes human on the beach side sometimes throw trash into the ocean for no reason the trash can get caught on animals necks.People transport oil to other areas that need oil they send it on ships and sometimes they either make it safely or sink and tip over witch causes an oil spill. When oil gets on birds they can't fly,fish cant breath in the oxygen in the water.Some people clean the ocean and keeping these bad things from hurting the ocean ecosystem and the animals in the ocean ecosystem.