Honors Course of the Day

Law & American Society

LAW AND AMERICAN SOCIETY (Legal Studies 0956.01, CRN: 6169)

Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30 to 10:50 AM

Professor: Terry Halbert

About: Should student athletes collect a portion of the millions earned by the NCAA in broadcast revenue? What if employers secretly troll professional networking sites like LinkedIn and make hiring decisions based on information they have gleaned there without ensuring that it is accurate? Should companies like McDonald’s be held responsible for the working conditions set by their franchisees? Is astroturf a slow carcinogen? And how about those defective airbags that explode, sending thick metal debris into the body of the driver? Current controversies at the intersection of law, ethics and business provide the content for this course, which is designed to develop your legal research and communication skills, while strengthening your understanding of news as it is breaking nationally, internationally, and in the Philadelphia metro-region. You will be following events as they unfold, examining and evaluating a range of different news sources. You will investigate the ethical and societal dimensions of these controversies through research--including legal research--and you will go off-campus for direct exposure to local news-in-the-making.

About the Professor: Terry Halbert is a Legal Studies professor in the Fox School of Business. She enjoys developing courses that make use of new media and take students into Philadelphia. Her immigration law course (taught in the fall) combines digital storytelling and community service. For five years Halbert was Temple’s Director of General Education. She is an avid--perhaps an obsessional--walker. She makes good winter soup. She thinks Breaking Bad is a masterpiece.