veteran's day

what a day to celebrate

veteran's are the people who saved are lives and your mom and dad s lives . The reason veteran's day is on november 11th is because the first war ended on november 11 th and it was the 11 th month and it was the 11 th hour .

how they saved are lives

well they were here with us every day of are life we just could not see them or even know about them we started to learn about the veteran's when we were like 5 or 6 so we opened a hole in are heart to welcome stragers but we dint care that they were not a part of are family they are people who are saving our familes i think that is a good reason to open a spot in are heart cause they might not be in are family but they sort of treat us like family cause they are out there fighting for are saftey and they are also fighting to make sure are country stays free