Tracking S'more: Mom/Dad

By: Catherine Mandujano

Tracking S'more Poster

The tracking poster s'more is a visual and verbal way of showing how each of these character's choices made an impact on Paul. For each choice AND impact you need to provide text evidence to support it. You will work on this in your character autopsy trio's. This is a summative at the end of the book.

Number 1

Choice: Moving to Tangerine, Florida

"By now we would be halfway to our new address-- a new place called Lake Windsor Downs in Tangerine County, Florida." (pg. 2)

Impact: Paul had to go to a whole new school, make new friends, and join a new soccer team. "We were hoping to see exactly where he will be going next week." (pg. 25)

Number 2

Choice: The Erik Fisher Football Dream "How long did it take Dad to get to his favorite topic, the Erik Fisher Football Dream?" (pg.11)

Impact: After they chose to pursue the football dream, they haven't spent a lot of time with Paul. "That'll be good for us. I'll be able to go to football practice every day." (pg.11)

Paul plays soccer, and Erik plays football.

Number 3

Choice: Mom's choice to inform the principle about Paul's eyesight. "He has problems with his eyesight--he's legally blind.." (pg.25)

Impact: Paul wasn't able to play soccer to prevent insurance casualties.

"You're not eligible to play... we have to carry insurance on every boy and girl in the program or we can't play. Period. If we lose our insurance, we lose our program." (pg. 62)

Number 4

Choice: Mom and dad allowing Paul to go to Tangerine Middle School. "Dad started nodding -- slowly at first, but then he picked up speed.Mom looked at me with her nervous smile, but she nodded right along with him." (pg. 94)

Impact: Paul was able to play soccer. "You can be on my team." (pg. 103)

Number 5

Choice: Mom and dad's choice not to attend, and watch Paul play soccer. "Did she realize that I was a visitor?" (pg. 189)

Impact: It made Paul realize much more that he wasn't important as Erik. "You're saying that I know everything about Erik's season and nothing about yours.You;re right, and I'm sorry." (pg. 234)

Number 6

Choice: Mom and Dad's choice to never mention to Paul that Erik is the reason that he has to wear the thick goggles that he wears everyday. "We wanted to find a way to keep you from always hating your brother." (pg. 265)

Impact: Paul hated himself. "So you figured it would be better if I just hated myself?" (pg. 265)