Battle of the Alamo

The battle of the alamo february 23-march 1836 was an event in the texas revolution.The Mexican troops were commands of President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Annas and launched an assault on the alamo mission near San Antonio,killing all the Texians defenders.Santa Annas cruelty inspired many texians both Texas settlers and and adventurers from the united states such as Davy Crockett to join the texian army.After losing the war the the texians defeated The mexican army in the Battle of San Jacinto on April 21,1836, ending the revolution.

President General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna

Antonio de padua Maria Severino Lopez de Sant'anna known as “the napoleon of the west’’ or President General Antonio de Santa Anna was the leader of the mexican Army.He Led his army to victory in the battle of the alamo,but then lost to the texian Army in the battle of San Jacinto.

Davy Crockett

David Crockett or “Davy Crockett” was an 19th century American folk hero,frontiersman ,soldier and american politician. He is commonly referenced in popular culture as the “KIng of the Wild frontier” he represented Tennessee in the U.S House of Representatives, served in the Texas Revolution, and died in the battle of the Alamo.