Social Phobia

by Gabi Ospelt

What is Social Phobia?

Social phobia is a type of anxiety problem with extreme feelings of shyness and self consciousness built into a powerful fear. The person feels uncomfortable participating in everyday social situations.

Signs and Symptoms

-faster heartbeat

-Faster breathing


-freezing up

How does it affect someone?

-Feeling lonely and disappointed over missed opportunities

-Not getting most out of school

-Missing chance to share talents and learn new skills

Other names or forms?

Another name for social phobia is social anxiety.

Other forms of social phobia is selective mutism, which means the person does not speak at all at certain places or to certain people.

How is it diagnosed?

Doctors and medical professionals ask questions to see if the person has signs or symptoms of social phobia.

How is it treated?

Therapists and medications can help treat social phobia. It takes patience and friends of the person can help them over time.

Interesting Fact

Avoiding situations builds up more fear and can potentially make it worse for the person.