Digital Footprints

by Gabby Sanchez

What are Digital Footprints ?

Your Digital Footprint is basically what there is to find if your name is looked up.

Why is your Digital Footprint important? It is important because it is used a lot to get a job and in many other cases.

What does your digital footprint consist of ? Any of your social media accounts are examples of your digital footprint like twitter, facebook, snapchat, and instagram.

How does this impact your digital footprint ? This impacts your digital footprint because it shows what kind of person you are to everyone in the web.

What is this saying about you ? If you have a good digital footprint then this is saying something good about your that could help your future. If you have a bad digital footprint then this is saying something bad about you and will not help your future.

Digital Footprints and Your Future

Digital Footprints

Can your digital footprint help or harm your future ? Your digital footprint can do both it can help and harm your future. In what way ? Your digital footprint can help you in showing that you are a good person and got nothing to hide. Your digital footprint can harm you if you do not have a good digital footprint you might have a hard time finding a job that will hire you because no one whats to hire someone that has a bad digital footprint.

What are things you can do to improve your digital footprint ?

- you can post or tweet positive things.

- post or tweet things you enjoy doing such as sports or school activities.

The most important thing i have learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint is that everything your post or tweet it is permanent and can not be erased.