Marco Polo

by Maddison, Madelyn, Rachel

Marco's life

Marco was born in Venice, Italy on September 15, 1254. His father and uncle were merchants who traded with the Chinese because of the constant threats of war. The Polo's left Venice and settled in what is now Uzbekistan. In 1264 Marco's father Nicolo and Maffio set on a two year long journey to meet Kublai Khan the emperor of Beijing.

Marcos journey

According to the account of Marco Polo, Kublai Khan received them well and requested they come back to teach the Chinese people Christianity and western customs.

The Voyage to China

Other facts

In 1271 the Polos set out to return to China. That time, they took Marco with them. The four year voyage across western and central Asia was really long and arduous. After traveling by sea to the Persian Gulf the Polos were forced to take an ancient caravan route through what is now Iraq, Iran, and Turkhenistan.

Marco's Final Journey

Later they traversed through the Desolate Gobi Desert and made their way through several ancient mercantile cities. In 1292 the Polos finally traveled home. marco polo died in 1324. Marco died from consumption in his house.

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