Support Student Success

What is S³

S³ or the Student Support Staff is a team of helping professionals that serve the students and families here at Eastfield. The S³ team includes the Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Cocklin, Nurse Melissa, Emily Shirley, Officer Hensley, and our support staff.

S³ aligns all of the members to ensure a complete and unified approach to care.

What Does the S³ Team do?

For Students: The S³ team will work to ensure that all students have positive school experiences. This will be accomplished by utilizing our skills so that we can help alleviate barriers to learning; academically, emotionally, behaviorally and physically.

For Families: S³ will partner with families to offer guidance, advice, and support in the essential skills and knowledge needed to promote student success. S³ will also assist in facilitating access to resources that are available within our county.

For Staff: S³ will collaborate with all school staff to generate ideas, strategies and other solutions in order to address student needs . S³ will also coordinate with community agencies in order to educate staff to the services that are available.

Questions and Answers

How can I refer my students?

This year you can fill out the referral form on the S3 link under Staff on our webpage.

How can we ensure more follow ups with the teacher?

This year, after a student if referred, we plan to work closely with the teacher. We would like to increase communication and follow up. When a student is referred we will meet as a team and make a decision on what we believe is best for that student. The team will then work with the teacher. A teacher should hear something from a within 2 weeks of a referral. If not, then please let Mrs. Cocklin know. Also this year we will keep a running log of when an S³ member meets with the teacher.

What is the difference between S³ and RTI and behavioral write ups?

is a way that teachers and staff can refer students for any concerns that they might have. This may be from self esteem, family/home concerns, bullying, hygiene, absences, and so forth.

Behavior write ups are for students that need immediate repercussions for their actions and are handled by Mrs. Baker. Repeated behavior write ups can lead to a referral.

RTI works with referrals to help form behavior plans and to better serve the students. Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered model designed to combine assessment and intervention to maximize student behavior. With RTI, schools identify students who may be at risk for learning or behavior difficulties and monitor progress.

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