Tohickon News

Upcoming Events

Dodge Ball

On February 27th 2015 from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm, Tohickon will be hosting a dodge ball tournament right here at Tohickon in the gym. Tohickon students are busy buzzing around forming their teams to compete in the tournament. The admission is $5, and T-shirts in Tohickon, East, and West colors are $10 each.Teachers will be competing in the competition, so remember to duck, dodge, dive, dip, and dodge! Good luck in the tournament and remember If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!

Boys basketball

The Interview

Today, I spoke with one of the members of the Tohickon golden eagles, Jake Quillen. We went over some basic topics and responded with very good answers. He says that he trusts coach Ellise, and is looking forward to the practices and games. He also says that he thinks his team has a shot at the championship. And lastly he responded by saying he will put his best effort and will work hard during practice and the games.

Soup Kitchen

Our FCS teacher, Mrs. Furfari, will be holding the soup kitchen on February 3rd and 14th. The soup kitchen is where 25 people sign up to make soup and food to donate to the poor. There are two main places where the food will go, most of the soup goes to the food larder, the rest goes to aid for friends where people can pick up food for their family.