Walk To Walk

"Speed Thrills But kill"

Traffic Awareness Campaign

This campaign is running by the active citizens of the society to aware our teenage from accidents. In this campaign they will be taught how to follow traffic rules and how to implement them. Traffic signal awareness is also part of this campaign

Some Of the Problems due to not following rules

Activities for the Students

We are going to start a campaign on "Traffic Awareness" in which we are going to teach the basic rules of traffic and traffic signals to avoid people from accidents,specially Teenagers (under 18& 18+).This campaign consist of some test based activities,video lectures and some probe activities(designed by me).
The purpose of this action is to aware people to save lives of other people and show humanity in society.CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION.
These certificates are for the student who will participate in all activities which help them out in learning traffic signals and help them out in learning safety rules.Its part of their campaign, such ideas build courage and interest in students to learn something.
"Luck Run out But safety is good for life"
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Road Saftey Ribbons

For awareness of trafficking we are going to introduce these ribbons.Jut like AIDS,CANCER there are some innovative ribbons which describe there existence.So For very first time we are introducing you with a new idea of "TRAFFIC AWARENESS RIBBON". Ribbon explains itself